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A Story that Needs to be Told

We all like a good story.

We enjoy being caught up in someone else’s drama. We seek out thrillers and horror films, and we feel a vicarious excitement as our heroes and heroines are put through terrible trials for our viewing pleasure.

Will they get together? Will the hero win the war? Will the heroine escape?

But some stories need more help to be told. They require more from us than a passive viewing, pleasurable but forgettable like a bag of popcorn. And the heroes and heroines aren’t guaranteed a happy ending.

A Human Trafficking Story

Ben Randall is a film-maker and photographer, and he needs your help to tell an important story, a true story, about his friend, M, a young woman from Vietnam who was kidnapped, believed to have been sold as a wife or sex worker.

M was a friend Ben had made when teaching English in northern Vietnam. When Ben discovered later she had been kidnapped, he decided to use his professional strengths to help her.

He gave up his job and used his savings to fund a trip to search for M, using his background in film-making and photography to document his journey and raise awareness of the global issue of human trafficking.

Now he needs a little help to finish the documentary and tell this important story.

What is Human Trafficking?

Human trafficking describes the sale of human beings, and is a complex issue – but a very lucrative one for the criminals involved, estimated to be a $32 billion industry with 20.9 million victims in 2013.


The story of human trafficking doesn’t have clear villains and heroes. Those involved are generally impoverished with limited education. Often the victims are misled into going for better work opportunities, and then end up as little more than slaves. In some cases, family members sell their own children just to earn a small amount of much-needed money.

You can make a difference to M’s story

The human trafficking story is very nuanced and needs to be well told to make a meaningful impact. Ben’s documentary aims to help do just that.

This is more than a story. It’s real life. And this story can’t be told without your help.

Please, take three minutes to watch the video below.

If you can, donate. Give anything you can – even the price of a cup of coffee or a beer makes a difference.

Visit The Human, Earth Project crowdfunding page.

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