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A personal development seminar put on by personal development bloggers?

My first instinct when I thought of this was to write up some lengthy document, a plan, and much more before I put this idea out there. Then, I thought back to something I remembered in The Secret: “If there’s a nudge from within that makes you want to do something, act quickly.”  So, rather than wait I wanted to share an idea with the blogosphere that I hope will get some legs.

A few days ago I was thinking about what components a dream job would have for me and they were: travel, public speaking, and the chance to meet tons of new people.  I asked myself the question, what non-existent job would offer me all of that in one package?  I didn’t come up with much.  After I took money and the need to generate income out of the equation, my mind went in an entirely different direction. I started thinking, my blog is called the Skool of Life, but there are no classes to attend. That’s when an idea that seemed a little bit off the wall hit me, but I decided to share it with you to see if it can develop legs and come to fruition.

A month or so ago I attended an event in LA called Barcamp. The event was completely free and it was called an unconference. There were 5 tracks and people taught sessions on whatever they felt like teaching.  Then I thought to myself, what if we could put on a personal development seminar, and have the speakers be personal development bloggers.  They already have the reader base, and if they invited their readers to a seminar where they were going to be speaking, how many would show up?  The other part is that most of the personal development bloggers are not self improvement gurus, but real people (thanks Alex@Unleash Reality).  I’d love to hear feedback from those of you have come across my blog, and see if there is an interest in making this a reality, perhaps with a date later in the year.

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