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A Long Drawn Out Look Back at 2010

Quick Note: Last Year at this time my blog had about 300 subscribers. Most of what you see below has taken about a year, so don’t underestimate what you can accomplish in a year.

First I want to let you know that this post is going to be fairly long. So, you’ll probably want to set aside some time to go through it. As many of you know I like to review my progress and write about it every quarter. The end of the year report is one that’s always really interesting because it ends up being full of valuable insights for me, so I recommend you actually consider doing one yourself. I think you’ll find it has a very powerful impact on your blogging efforts.

This has been one of the most amazing years of my life and one that I feel truly grateful for. After close to 10 years of IBS, ADHD, and uphill career battles, I’ve finally found my groove and I realized that I was nothing more than a victim of the late bloomer syndrome.

In the first part of the year I had set one goal to reach 1000 subscribers. Despite insane amounts of guest posting and numerous other efforts, I failed to reach that goal. But I can honestly say that I’m grateful that it took me a bit longer to reach some of my goals. As you start out, you might be in a real hurry to grow your blog. The fact that it took me longer than many other people who started after me has given me so many valuable insights and lessons that I think will be instrumental to my success in the future. So consider that when you think about the fact that you’re not growing as fast as you might want to.


This has really turned into my calling card in the Blogosophere and I have to credit Sid Savara for having the foresight to see that my weekly series Interviews with up and Coming Bloggers could stand on its own as a completely separate site. Because of BlogcastFM, I’ve had the good fortune to pick the brains of the most successful and interesting content creators in the blogosphere. I want to share a quick story with you about why BlogcastFM turned out much differently than we thought it would.

In the early days of BlogcastFM, Sid and I thought we’d interview the biggest and most well known bloggers we could find and they would tweet their interview with us, and it would go viral. It’s safe to say that idea was a complete failure. The first 6 months were an uphill battle. We weren’t growing that fast and the numbers just didn’t seem to be all that great. But then something really interesting happen.  Our listeners started coming out of the woodworks, sending us emails about how useful they found the site, and started to make us realize that we were in fact creating something of value.

That was the beginning of a fundamental shift in how I started to approach the site. I decided to forget about the numbers for and focus on creating value for the listeners. Once we made that shift our community really started to take off. An excitement and buzz started to surround us. When I emailed Jade Craven (aka Kevin Bacon of the blogosphere) for the first time about interviewing her for the site, she decided to included us in her 50 Netsetters You Should Know about list, and before long I found myself with a list of close to 100 people to interview. That resulted in an ongoing series of highlights and growth moments which I’ve briefly summarized below.

Let me also say thank you to all our listeners and interviewees who have made the project possible. Without all of you we wouldn’t have had nearly the success we’ve had.

The Must Listen Interviews

The other day when I put out a tweet asking what I should cover in this report, some of you had asked what my favorite interviews were. That’s something I consider an impossible question, so instead I want to give you what I consider the must  listen interviews for 2010

10 Thought Provoking Posts from 2010

In the past I would make a list of all the guest posts I’d written all over the blogosphere, but for the purposes of this review I wanted to share what I consider some of my most important ideas that I shared in 2010

Community Building


Personal Stories

Tipping Points and Key Moments in 2010

3 The Keys to my Growth in 2010

10 Lessons Learned in 2010 in 140 Characters or Less

Things I would have done Differently

Overall, I would say 2010 has been an epic year for almost all of us who started this journey together in the middle of 2009. People have left day jobs, setup full time income streams, and had the good fortune of surrounding themselves with brilliant people. I’m excited about what the future holds for everybody that is taking this journey and the possibility of an extraordinary life that lies ahead for all of us.

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