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7 Simple Traffic Tips for Beginning Bloggers

I started this blog about two weeks ago and have managed to get the traffic up quite a bit and get some regulars commenting on my post. In my blogging life I’ve read a few hundred posts on how to increase your traffic and all them had between 30-50 tips. I decided to take that list and simplify it. Some of these ideas came from Yaro Starak’s Blog for Profit Blueprint, which you can download at his web site. If there’s one piece of advice I have for beginning bloggers, it’s to take 2 or 3 of these ideas and do them consistently.

1. Post every day: Don’t try to force the topic. I realized that when I stopped trying to come up with topics, I came up with 100′s. Every time you come up with a blog post idea, jot it down. I have a list that I keep on my to-do list application called Anxiety. If you go to Lifehacker you can find it. It’s for the mac and I l love it.

2. Posting on Forums: How do you find the forums to cross-post on? Simple answer, Google Search. But, another thing that I’ve found is useful is They have tons of social networks, and you can cross post your blogs there. I’m part of Keith Ferrazi’s greenlight network.

3. Comment on popular blogs: I pick at least three in my category and I write comments on those three consistently. I also go to some new ones each day, but I’ve noticed when you comment on one person’s post several times, they seem to return the favor.

4. The blog carnivals are kind of like planting seeds. Plant the seeds and forget about them. They have a way of coming back.

5. Link other bloggers with no expectation of a link in return. But, feel free to mention that you linked them. Another thing you can do, that is more useful is mention them in your actual blog post and link them that way. Shout outs to Positively Present and Eight Hour Journey for commenting here consistently.

6. Be consistent: I’ve noticed there are a few thousand posts or even a few million on how to increase traffic to your blog. They list about 100 things you can do. While each of these is effective, remember the 80/20 rule. So, I say pick 5 things and do them consistently rather than 100 things and do them once. I tried the 100 things approach and I tried this approach. My other blog, Bizskoolblog never got nearly as much traffic as quickly as Skooloflife did by following these three simple tips.

7. Write good content: Well that’s a no brainer. If you write good content, popular bloggers will want to interact with you.

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