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5 simple ways to invest and succeed when you’re unemployed


Believe it or not  when you’re unemployed, even if you’re not spending money, you’re likely bleeding capital. You are bleeding mental, spiritual, and emotional capital and might be completely unaware of the fact that it is happening.  In my interview with Peter Bregman he mentioned that putting all your effort into looking for a job is bad for you in so many ways, especially if your unemployment period lasts for a somewhat extended period of time. In that case you the potential to bleed mental, spiritual, and emotional capital is even greater. That is why it’s really important to continue investing in yourself when you are unemployed.


1.Health/Fitness: Without good health nothing else really matters. What’s the point in having money if you are too sick to enjoy it? What’ the point in having time if you are in too much pain to enjoy it. Unemployment is one of the best time periods to invest in your health and fitness. Lack of time is one of most common excuses we make for our lack of fitness. I actually HATE going to the gym, but I’ve found in the last 3 months that I LOVE surfing. I go every single day and at this point it has become a habit, and will be something I continue even after a full time job.

2. Self-Confidence: If there’s any area you want to invest in during this period it is in your self-confidence. I know it’s easier said than done to invest in your confidence when your life might seem like it’s on the verge of implosion. I admit that I haven’t mastered this, but I know it’s important. If you forget to invest in your self confidence during your unemployment period, then by the time you get a job, it may lead to a whole other set of challenges which might keep you from succeeding at your job. It’s a perfect time to do anything related to personal development.

3. Skills: From a career standpoint, I believe there’s no more valuable use of time than investing in improving your skills. Just a few months back Lifehacker did a post on free classes being offered online by MIT. Yesterday Mashable did a post on a list of sites to learn a foreign language. If you do a Google search for “how to” do just about anything you can probably find a resources. I’ve used this time to build my social media skill set and learn as much about blogging as possible. The other thing this gives you is something of value to share with a future employer. You can even start a blog which will be one of the greatest assets at your disposal. If a future employer asks what you’ve been up to during your unemployment period, by investing in improving your skills, you’ll have something to show for your time.

4. Friendships/Relationships: It still continues to amaze me that people seem to want to sit around and feel sorry for themselves and not spend time with other people. What better time to get to know your friends a bit better and deepen the bond you have with them. I’m of course assuming you might have a friend or two how is unemployed. Just don’t’ get together to have a giant bitch session.

5. Hobbies: If you look back over the course of your life, there are probably a handful of hobbies/activities you might have wanted to get involved in. Go back and find that list, or make a new one.  Then  find the ones that are in your budget and do them. For me it was learning to play another instrument. Coincidentally a friend of mine had a guitar he wasn’t using, and I downloaded some free software for the MAC that had guitar lessons.

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