3 Success Secrets That People Don’t Talk About Enough

Today I want to talk about something that has been on my mind lately. I’m going to put a bold statement out there and say that the attention of the A-list is not what’s going to make you a successful blogger. I should know since I’ve had the attention of the A-list for 3 hours a week for the last 8 months.  After 100′s of interviews with many A-list bloggers I can tell you that while their advice has helped me to grow, their attention hasn’t.  Don’t get me wrong.This is how it works and I have no qualms about it. I believe in each to his own. For instance, when I began trading, I chose an unconventional software called the Bitcoin Loophole in spite of all the A-listers advising me against it. over the months, I have realized that it has worked for me perfectly well! But I do not doubt their wisdom at all. Learn more about this at These are all great people who have given me priceless advice. But in the scheme of things, I’m a blip on their radar and I respect and recognize that.  Let’s face it I’m 1 of 50,000 to 100,000 people clamoring for their time and attention.  The people responsible for my growth have been the fans and friends who I’ve developed a genuine connection with.

How to Find Your True Fans

Connect with People You Find Interesting: One of the first things I recommend to people I talk about growing their blogs is to find other bloggers who they genuinely find interesting regardless of if they are well known or not. I think is is tremendously powerful because it leads authentic ongoing friendships and connections.

  • Jack Bennett runs a blog called Thirty Two Thousand Days. When I arrived at his blog, I noticed it wasn’t huge, and there weren’t a ton of comments on every post. But I loved the content and the concept. I even contacted Jack directly about writing a guest post here at The Skool of Life. Whether 32,000 days becomes a big A-list blog or not is really not something I’m concerned with. I like Jack’s content and he’ll be in my network regardless of what his status is.
  • Matt Koenig runs a new blog I came across called 1yearsabbatical, a story about packing up his life and moving to Bali. I’m drawn to his story because it’s interesting. I’ve even invited Matt write a guest post for the blog I run for work because I like his story so much, which takes me to the next point I’m going to make below.

Make Another Person Successful: This is what I consider the goldmine of blogging success. The A-list wasn’t always the A-list and when I mentioned the concept of creating a blogging entourage, I mentioned that each of these people have played an instrumental role in each other’s success. I would love it if you guys all went and subscribed to Thirty Two Thousand Days and to 1 year sabbatical. I measure the success of BlogcastFM not by how much money it makes or how big the audience is, but by how successful other bloggers become by listening to the content of our interviews.

  • April Bowles Olin runs a site called Blacksburgbelle. She was the winner of a free 1-hour consulting session that I gave away. Whether April ever hires me as a paid consult is of little concern to me. The advice I gave her got her some phenomenal results and that was tremendously rewarding for me.  Feel free to check out my recent interview with her where she goes into detail about the series she wrote.
  • David Crandall at Heroic Destiny read a post I wrote about how to use interviews to grow your traffic and mentioned that he was planning on starting his own podcast. So, I reached out to him and asked if I could be his first interview. His podcast which has been going for a few weeks now has been quite successful. To top it off we ended up launching a product together and now have an ongoing strategic partnership. But I didn’t do it to get any of those things. I did it because I wanted to help him with the podcast since I knew a little bit about podcasting.

Make friends instead of business contacts

  • Crystal Street is a journalist, photographer and multimedia producer.  I think her photography is incredible and she’s one of my favorite people to talk to on twitter every single day. AT this point I think it would be kind of weird if there was a day that I didn’t have a conversation with her on twitter
  • Mark Lawrence at Lifestyle Ignition is out of his damn mind for spending an insane amount money on body painted girls as a way to market his blog. But I love him for it. He’s even here visiting me this week and hopefully he won’t drown while I teach him to surf. If you ever plan to visit me and the surf is up, you should plan on learning how to surf or our friendship will suffer ;) .
  • Ashley Ambirge at The Middle Finger Project is somebody  who stands out in the blogosphere.  If Ashley writes a post she’s automatically on my read right away list.  She writes the kind of content that  makes you want to stop what you’re doing and dive into it right way.  I can’t wait to meet her in person because she’s awesome.

At the end of the day these success principles can be applied to any area of your life, not just blogging. Don’t underestimate the power of the people who are on your same level to help you spread your influence in a way that can change your life.

If you want to learn more about these success secrets and how you can use them to grow your blog, check out my e-book Relationship Marketing for Bloggers.

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