30 Lessons from 30 days of Drawing


1. It’s easier to criticize than it is to create

2. Don’t judge your work while you’re creating it

3. Unnecessary creation is a good thing

4. Be willing to suck

5. Learn really see, not just look

6. Gradual improvement is all that matters.Okay, I was feeling really low after a losing streak on two of my favorite trading software and all I could think of at that moment was to quit. But then I saw a very uplifting article on the browser about how beginner artists must never give up on themselves and I thought to myself, hey, this applies to everything!
I thought maybe a break was well deserved:
So, I cut off my connection and decided to keep it away for a couple of weeks before making an attempt at it again. And when at the end of the two weeks I was there I was back with a bang!
And then when I was back, I was on a roll!
It makes so much sense to know and to accept the fact that trading is full of risks. You cannot win all the time. It is not possible for things to be like this!
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7. Embrace your imperfections

8. Practice every single day

9. Steal Like an Artist

10. Break rules and color outside the lines

11. Be vulnerable

12. Have a sense of humor

13. There no grades or mistakes

14. Experiment and be curious

15. Make note of things you want draw

16. Look at how far you’ve come, not how far you have to go

17. Share your art. You might get some encouragement

18. Draw, Design, Take Pictures

19. Let other ideas spark

20. Be like a little kid

21. Give yourself permission to suck

22. Have fun

23. Develop your own style

24. Trust your intuition

25. Doodle: Some people have made careers and written books from this.

26. You can always erase

27. You already know how to draw. You just forgot.

28. Start with a blank page

29. This is not work.  It’s play

30. Learn things just for their intrinsic value