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25 Awesome Resources for Early Stage Bloggers

I recently setup a blog for one of my classmates from Pepperdine and after setting it up, I realized that I should probably send him a list of blogs/resources. So rather than just email him I figured I’d be selfish and turn into a post. Hopefully this will help my two blogging friends: Madmansdigest and Toms University (shout outs to you guys).

Blogging Blogs: Although the idea of a blog about blogging is something that we seem to make endless jokes about, most of these bloggers do a great of sharing ideas that can really help take your blog to the next level.

Interesting Voices: Developing a voice is definitely something that is part of the evolution of every blogger. That is of course you are one of the people on this list.  If you want to understand what it means to have your own style, these people should be

Good People to Know: I couldn’t quite figure out how to classify this group of people, so I asked what it is about these people that I could say, and what came to mind is “I’m glad I know them.”

Personal Development/Minimalism:
I think that blogging and personal development often blend together partially because we can borrow many of the concepts from personal development in growing our blogs.

Social Media Resources: The blogs below are my go-to resources for anything social media.

Hopefully you guys will find this list useful. It’s more or less my daily reading list and I highly recommend you subscribe to all these blogs because they are all an endless stream of wisdom.

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