Bloggers Who Will Entertain, Inform and Inspire The World in 2011

1. Ashley Ambirge

Web Site: The Middle Finger Project
Twitter: @tmfproject

To this day I still think Ashley Ambirge has one of the most unique voices in the blogosphere. I read 100’s of blogs everyday, but if I see a post from Ash pop up on twitter, I usually stop what I’m doing and read it right away because it’s always that good.

2. Pete Michaud

Web Site: Pete Michaud
Twitter: @petemichaud

I discovered Pete Michaud just the other day because he popped into a BlogcastFM U-stream chat. When I spent a bit of time perusing his posts and looking around the site, I immediately added him to my RSS reader. I’d recommend you do the same

3. Jacob Sokol

Web Site: Sensophy
Twitter: @jacobsokol

Jacob was somebody I came across because he wrote this incredible post full of amazing ideas from close to 50 different bloggers. I clicked on the link to the post and while reading through the post I got distracted by all the other content on his site. He’s come out of the gate with a huge push and something tells me he’s going to be very successful.

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4. Jack Benett

Web Site: Thirty Two Thousand Days
Twitter: @32000days

Jack is a great reminder for us all that all we have on this planet is about 32,000 days. With inspiring posts about Fight Club and other topics, Jack is one of my favorite bloggers to read.

4. Jenny Blake

Web Site: Life After College
Twitter: @jenny_blake

I wish Jenny Blake’s blog had existed when I graduated from college. Life After College is a great resource, which has now evolved from blog to book deal (congrats Jenny) and is always full of awesome content.

5. Laneth Sfarrlenn

Web Site: It Takes 10 Years
Twitter: @laneth_safrrlenn

For those of you who haven’t been over to Laneth’s blog, I recommend you check it out. It’s an going narrative about the 10 years it’s taken for him to become an orphan.  Written more like a poetic novel, than a blog, I think Laneth is going to be a success story of the blogosphere in the next couple of years.

6. Dave Ursillo

Web Site:
Twitter: @dave_ursillo

Dave  has really been killing it lately. His content is getting more and more profound everyday. I first came across Dave because of his comments here at The Skool of Life. In the time he’s been blogging I’ve really seen his content evolve.  Keep an eye on him in 2011.

7. Tyler Tervooren

Web Site: Advanced Riskology
Twitter: @tylertervooren

I first heard about Tyler Tervooren when a blogcastfm guest referred me to him. Tyler grew his blog to over 2000 subscribers in 2 months. By teaching us to take risks to improve our lives, Tyler inspires me with every blog post her writes.

8. Jimi Jones

Web Site:
Twitter: @jimijones

Jimi Jones is somebody who I can say anybody is lucky to have in their network. This is a guy who seems like he’d take a bullet for you because that’s how much he supports you in your endeavors. He’s been an avid supporter of BlogcastFM which I can’t thank him enough for.

9. Farnoosh Brock

Web Site: Prolific Living
Twitter: @prolificliving

Farnoosh and I met at Blogworld and I liked her right away. She’s full of energy and life like nobody I’ve ever met. I’ve learned to leverage the digital world and blogosphere to explore all my passions thanks to her teaching me what Prolific Living really is.

10. Maria Brophy

Web Site:
Twitter: @mariabrophy

I first met Maria at an event where Seth Godin spoke about his book Linchpin. We hit it off right away when she told me that she was a surfer and her husband Drew is not only a big wave surfer but an amazing surf artist. Her support has always given me what I need to keep going on the days I feel like giving up (yes I have days like that).

11. Crystal Street

Web Site: Storytelling from an Independent Traveler
Twitter: @cstreet10

Crystal Street is somebody I first came across because of Twitter. I was intrigued by her photography and that has led to an ongoing friendship on Twitter. She really exemplifies the variety of interesting, creative and fascinating people that you can meet because of Twitter.

12. David Crandall

Web Site: Heroic Destiny
Twitter: @davidcrandall

If the blogosphere is the stock market, then David Crandall’s stock is definitely on the rise. Spend an hour talking to David and you’ll realize that he’s super smart and he’ll give you boatloads of valuable advice.

13. Colin Wright

Web Site: Exile Lifestyle
Twitter: @colinismyname

Colin Wright was the very first member of the Flightster writing team. Colin always writes thought provoking content that makes us want to dig deeper into everything that he’s talking about. His life is interesting enough that it could probably be a reality show.

13. Mars Dorian

Web Site: Mars Dorian
Twitter: @marsdorian

Mars is really a master of spreading digital influence. This is s a guy who knows how to make a brand spread like wildfire. Dig through his archives and develop your own plan for making your brand spread like wildfire.

14. Stanford Smith

Web Site: Pushing Social
Twitter: @pushingsocial

Stanford Smith is one of the most awesome informative bloggers you’ll ever come across.  Known for coining the term “kiss lots of digital babies”, his blog should definitely be on your must read list. Everything he writes is meaty and full of immediately actionable advice.

15. Francisco Rosales

Web Site: Social Mouths
Twitter: @socialmouths

Francisco Rosales is someobdy I had the good fortune of connecting with over the last several months and his recent interview on BlogcastFM validated even more for me why he’s been so successful as a blogger. If you’re a company or an individual working on a social strategy for your brand, Francisco’s blog should be on your must read list.

16. Matthew Kimberley

Web Site: How to Get a Grip
Twitter: @mjkimberley

I met Matthew Kimberley at Blogworld and immediately took a liking to him. His no nonsense approach to personal development for people who hate personal development immediately got my attention. Anybody who gets a book deal after two weeks of blogging is worth paying attention to.

17. Mark Lawrence

Web Site: Lifestyle Ignition
Twitter: @igniteadventure

Mark never  ceases to make me laugh. He’s always up to something interesting and if you ever want to meet a guy who really has given authority the finger, Mark Lawrence is somebody you should meet. I got to spend a week with him and the guy is an idea machine who will bring out your most creative ideas while having a good amount of fun.

18. Joel Runyon

Web Site: The Blog of Impossible Things
Twitter: @joelrunyon

Joel is another guy who writes awesome entertaining content about doing all the things that we think are impossible. It’s a good reminder for us to not to be so damn realistic all the time. His recent post on creating an awesome story from our lives has turned me into a loyal fan of his writing. You’ll be inspired to push your limits by reading his blog.

19. Fabian Kruse

Web Site: The Friendly Anarchist
Twitter: @fabiankruse

Fabian, also known as the Friendly Anarchist writes content that sometimes makes your head spin because it’s so thought provoking. Usually it’s so deep that you’ll have to give his posts 2-3 reads, but it’s always time well spent.


20. Jen Fromal

Web Site: The Smashed Planet
Twitter: @jenfromal

Jen is probably somebody we should call a digital newborn. She literally just started about 2 weeks ago and from a quick browse around her site and reading through her content, it’s safe to say I’m looking forward to seeing what she comes up with in 2011.

21. Matt Koenig

Web Site: 1 Year Sabbatical
Twitter: @1yearsabbatical

I’m not sure how I first came across 1 Year Sabbatical, but I was immediately intrigued by the idea. It didn’t hurt that Matt’s 1 Year Sabbatical is going to happen in Bali, a world class surfing destination.

22. April Bowles Olin

Web Site: Blacksburg Belle
Twitter: @blacksburgbelle

April and I connected because she’s a BlogcastFm listener. I’m not sure if we can really call her a digital baby as much as a digital toddler. In the last few months she’s taken her niche by storm and had some seriously epic results.

23. Sid Savara

Web Site: Analysis Driven Personal Development
Twitter: @sidsavara

At Blogworld, we became known as the Men in black, a somewhat fitting title I suppose. For the first 8 months many of you had been asking what exactly Sid does for BlogcastFM. But I think in the last 2 months I think it’s become quite apparent that BlogcastFM runs like clockwork because of his expertise. As he jokingly said, I have the perfect face for podcasting.

23. Jade Craven

Web Site:
Twitter: @jadecraven

I have to credit Jade for a good amount of things that have happen for me this year. She’s really helped to put my name on the map in the blogosphere.  She’s connected me to so many amazing and interesting people that have helped us to take BlogcastFM to the next level.

24. Mike Tiojanco

Web Site: Pursuit of Change
Twitter: @mtio

The contributions that Mike has made to our BlogcastFM premium service have been invaluable. Without him the BlogcastFM premium service would never have been a reality. He came to us with an idea and pushed us to follow through.