21 People Who Will Change the World in 2012

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about how to build an insanely loyal tribe, it’s to shine a light on emerging talent. Fortunately, my buddy Dave Ursillo decided to step in and do it for me by putting together this list of people who will change the world in 2012.   You might notice a sudden change in the writing style on the last two people (those were my personal additions to this list).

1. Sarah Kathleen Peck

Genuine, fun, and beyond brilliant, Sarah Peck (@sarahkpeck) is an emerging force on the blogosphere. Outside of being a record-setting swimmer, a communications specialist for an international landscape architecture company and the editor at LandscapeUrbanism.com, the mere handful of thoughts that she shares with the world are devoured by all who encounter them.

Sarah is an excellent writer, a natural creative, and an intuitive life-schemer. She is also one of the most down-to-earth and intelligent go-getter’s I’ve ever met. In 2012, more and more people will clamor to hear her voice. And big things will unfold for Sarah as she delves deeper into sharing her fun and heartfelt intelligencia with us all.

There are many famous persons who will inspire us more in lives with their experience and the way they led their lives. We can read many books on them to know more and more about them and their history. Because it will boost us to work more and more to make our lives even better and also it teaches us how to face the struggles and challenges in lives and the continued efforts they put in to make themselves strong and bold.

Sooner rather than later, you will know her name, devour her cuttingly beautiful offerings to the world, and be all the better for it. Sarah Kathleen Peck. Remember her.


2. Nate Damm

Nate Damm (@whereisnate) made headlines in 2011 for walking across America. I wrote about it here. But Nate’s story is still just beginning.

What makes Nate so special is his presence — fully-engaged but refreshingly nonchalant. He, to me, represents what it means to lead without followers. He does because he chooses to, and what he chooses is what he believes is right and good.

Nate’s writing, humility, friendliness and truth-seeking nature remind me of Christopher McCandless (aka Alexander Supertramp of Into the Wild fame). And, reading excerpts of his forthcoming book that details his adventures of walking across the United States from Delaware to San Francisco, I believe that Nate Damm will be a name you’ll hear often in 2012.


3. Amy Clover

Amy Clover (@amy4leaf) is a shooting star about to soar across your horizon. I’m here only to tell you to look up and watch for her, because she’s coming fast.

Today, you’d never know today that Amy has had a troubled past, checkered with bouts of serious depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder and even attempted suicide: She is luminous. Vibrant. Positive. Hilariously funny, and nothing but fun to be around. By her own admission, it’s taken years for her to begin anew, but today, her luminosity really shines through.

Amy is a successful fitness trainer and small business owner in the Greater Los Angeles area, and she’s now emerging into the blogosphere as a digital fitness coach — with a personal development edge — to help men and women reinvigorate their heads and hearts, in addition to their physical health.

I believe Amy will emerge powerfully across the blogosphere in 2012, before come into her own as a leader in her own right. Her blog, Strong Inside Out will emerge as kind of a feminine, West-Coast counter-part to my pal Steve Kamb’s NerdFitness. Check her out. And remember look up — you’ll know a shooting star when you see it.


4. Devon Mills

Speaking of shooting stars, Devon Mills (@devonamills) is soon to join the ranks of those soaring across the horizon: both figuratively and literally, as she embarks upon open-ended global travel in 2012.

A talented photographer, engaging writer, avid runner and determined adventure-seeker, only within the last couple of months has Devon quit her 9-to-5 job, run a marathon in Las Vegas and publicly committed to traveling around the world in 2012. She’s also one of the sweetest, most genuine and friendly people you’ll ever meet.

If for her heart alone, Devon Mills will certainly turn heads and shake souls of her readers — through the written experiences of her forthcoming travels, photography, and (I’m sure) a ton of running adventures across all corners of Earth. By her quiet example, everyone who tunes in to her adventures will learn a lot in 2012!


5. Brandon Sutton

Social media consultant, documentarian and digital marketing aficionado Brandon Sutton (@Brandon101) is a bona fide world-changer with a heart of gold — and the creative intuition to forge brilliant works like Spirit of the Gulf Coast, a documentary that chronicled the effects of the British Petrolium oil spill in 2010.

Brandon has been very busy at the end of 2011 fundraising for a new documentary (with Hollywood star-power to back it) called Kids of the Gulf.

In 2012, I’m certain that we’ll see Brandon shoot higher than ever before with his world-changing ambitions rooted in genuine compassion and goodness. Watch out for him — he’s coming on strong, and for his determination to open hearts and minds, we’ll all be better for it.


7. Bernardo Mendez

Bernardo Mendez (@yourgreatlifetv) burst onto the scene as a heartfelt inspirer in 2011 through his young blog, YourGreatLifeTV.

Bernardo garnished quick attention from his quiet leadership and clear dedication as a new but talented video blogger. He posted powerful, personal, in-your-face vlogs at an incredible clip of nearly one new video every single day: pure dedication!

Bernardo has shown, to me, that the nitty-gritty details of blogging — so many that we continually get distracted by — come second to the simple want of helping people. His heart exceeds everything else. I’m excited to see how YourGreatLifeTV develops in 2012, and what loving inspiration Bernardo continues to teach online and in person.


8. Syndee Stein

Syndee Stein (@Syndee_Stein) will emerge in 2012 as the new High Priestess of dream-weaving, intuitive coaching and creating lasting change in her blog’s readers and coaching clients.

I didn’t know this when I started writing about Syndee, but I figured her new blog that just launched, Deeper Ground, was a new venture coming from other blogging and online pursuits. Nope. This is Syndee’s first shot at blogging and she already writes, looks, and comes off as a seasoned blogosphere veteran. Color me impressed.

At Deeper Ground, Syndee offers power-house 1-on-1 coaching and awesome insight, videos, forthcoming guest posts and more.

Syndee also holds a BA in Holistic Health, Nutrition and Dance, in addition to a Masters in Communications and Indigenous Studies. She’s further a certified Herbalist and has been a student of the Healing Arts for 15 years. Suddenly, I feel like an underachiever!

Tune in quick to Syndee Stein — there’s an incredible network of like-mindeds across the blogosphere who are bound to scoop her up into their world-changing circles in 2012, and I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds for her.


9. Ken Wert

Ken Wert (@KenWertM2bH) is a father, a husband, and a middle school teacher — from these perspectives, he holds an incredible ability to teach his readers important and moving lessons on life, love and bringing the best of ourselves to shine.

Ken just received some high praise from a top personal development blogger Steven Aitchison, who named Ken and his blog, Meant To Be Happy, winner of the Personal Development Blog of the Year in 2011.

I expect nothing but continued praise for Ken and his writing at M2bH throughout 2012. Ken is not only a teacher by profession, he is certainly a teacher by his nature and at his most fundamental core: he teaches not with a heavy hand, but by leading readers to open their minds, engage their hearts and for our natural goodness to easily come forth.


10. Diana Antholis

Diana Antholis (@DianaAntholis) is a Generation-Y writer and philosopher at Enter: Adulthood; a strategy consultant and media director at Performance Advantage; and most recently, a digital wellness coach and personal trainer.

Diana is a very talented and driven entrepreneur, and her jack-of-all-trades resume is a testament to her dedication to help people succeed: in life, in their health and in business. Diana’s latest venture, Unleash Your Sexy, is a wellness coaching and training program that promises healthy change and increased well-being to clients.

In 2012, Diana will surge into helping more people than ever as she emerges into her newfound love of one-on-one wellness coaching and fitness training.


11. Mike ‘Ambassador’ Bruny

Mike ‘Ambassador’ Bruny, a certified lifestyle and success coach, is a man of many talents: he speaks, runs blogs like Run the Point and Hip Hop Affirmations, and most recently launched #Hashtags to Handshakes: The New Art of Conference Networking.

To be honest, I don’t know where Mike’s ‘Ambassador’ nickname came from, but knowing him, I definitely understand it: Mike is a natural goodwill ambassador who knows no limits, often gracing conferences in the Boston area for women in business, WordPress, and entrepreneurship alike. He is also one of the greatest, most friendly and helpful guys I’ve ever met.

#Hashtags to Handshakes, Mike teaches the skills behind networking like a machine — something that definitely resonates with Skool of Lifer’s, as Srini has been so adamant in encouraging us all to branch out into attending conferences and networking offline and in-person!

I’m psyched to watch Mike’s ventures pan out in 2012 — and to see him again at conferences and get-togethers across the nation!


12. Meg Worden

“I could die for the love of you,” Meg Worden (@megworden) powerfully proclaims when you first visit her blog. Wow.

If a blog byline could be it’s own resume, Meg Worden’s certainly speaks to her nature, her passion and her mission: she is a very profound writer; has roots in nutrition, wellness, leadership and entrepreneurship; and is a Holistic Health Counselor with a love of sharing “luminous, living food” recipes and much more.

On the verge of being widely discovered and wildly consumed by the blogosphere, Meg’s bright life-philosophy — complemented by her naturally playful and shining demeanor — will turn her into a thought-leader and oft looked-to voice on nutrition, well-being and personal development in 2012.


13. Tessa Zeng

When I think Tessa Zeng (@teezeng), I think “power.”

There is world-shaping power in her writing. And although she conspires in word and verse with compassion, humility and heart, her writing rings in your ears as if you were listening to a rabble-rousing revolutionary of old rallying villagers in the town square to storm the castle gates of a cruel noble.

Tessa is an ex-art student and fashion designer turned writer, philosopher and world-changer. She left design behind, but her imagination and artistic creativity carry through her writing.

She has the natural spirit of a visionary and throughout 2012, I can’t wait to see her continue to shake and shape minds of those reader her blog, of those in industry, and maybe event those of entire nations.


14. Vivek Mayasandra

Vivek Mayasandra (@VivekMayasandra) is a writer, schemer and aviation enthusiast with an eye for the revolutionary: he helps share stories of world-changers at Amber Rae’s revolution.is; contributes to airlinetrends.com; and is a true globe-hopper with a philosophizing spirit.

I’ve had my eye on him for a while, so reading a recent blog post has got me totally amped up to see what Vivek is planning in 2012!

He recently declared: “I’ve decided it’s time this year to make my change — take a jump, and dive into doing work that makes me feel alive, and live a life that’s full of adventure, travel, new experiences and amazing people.”

This, my friends, bodes wonderful things. Keep an eye out for Vivek, and watch what magic unfolds.


15. Laura Calandrella

In her off-time, Laura Calandrella (@lauracalandrella) is an impact accelerator, a trilingual globe-strutter and a self-proclaimed medium for consciousness evolution. Yes, off-time.

While, by day she is an organizational and workforce development strategist, 2012 beckons big things for her still-young blog — only a few months old! — and her driven entrepreneurial spirit.

As a natural intuitive and deep-seeing visionary, Laura’s strategic consultation work shines in her blog, where her biggest project to date — daringly called, The [F] Word — invites her readers to challenge their perceptions of failure as the very means to create brilliant things and succeed.

Watch out for Laura in 2012 — her off-time hobbies may soon become her full-time, full-blown job.


16. Abby Kerr

Abby Kerr (@AbbyKerr) is not only a fiction writer, but a skilled and heart-filled brand editor who helps entrepreneurs “up their addictability factor.”

Abby works with creatives, solopreneurs and indie entrepreneurs to really develop, understand and best articulate their brands to the world. Her blog, AbbyKerrInk.com, is simply an excellent free resource for getting expert insight and know-how on branding, copywriting and much more.

I’m expecting to witness Abby emerge as a queen of heartfelt branding — less marketing, more mastering the expressive art of creativity. Tune in, learn something, and watch what unfolds in 2012!


17. Kristin Glenn and 18. Shannon Whitehead

Adding the lovely ladies of Revolution Apparel (@allofusrev) would have sounded a lot more prophetic when I began writing this list, long before Kristin and Shannon’s debut Kickstarter campaign went mega viral and raised over $60,000 in support of their new business and sustainable fashion line.

But their recent astronomical success is a testament to what these two world-changers are striving to achieve.

The outcome of their fundraising campaign speaks to the hard work, imaginative creativity and sheer determination of two bloggers turned business entrepreneurs: Kristin and Shannon, well over a year into their journey, warmly shared all of their small successes and major setbacks in public. And they’ve showed that many small steps of forward momentum and progress can suddenly accelerate like a rocket.

Their premier product, the Versalette, is already making waves. And, I’m sure this is just the first Earth-moving step by the ladies of Revolution Apparel. I’m psyched to see what else unfolds in 2012 — and, even if some of us won’t be wearing the clothes they create, for revolutionizing an industry that impacts us all, we’ll all be better for it.


19. Danielle LaPorte

Danielle LaPorte is already a rockstar in her own right. But hear me out: I’m predicting Danielle LaPorte will soar into popular, mainstream fame in 2012.

Danielle is the kind of leader that our world is craving. She’s unapologetic, strong and confident. She shakes rooms through a refreshingly quiet presence, and sheer humility. Danielle is wildly empowering in her every whisper. Beyond all else, she is atomically engaging through her simple, effervescent humanity.

Danielle’s new book, The Fire Starter Sessions, is the cherry on top of a dream story: a six-figure book-deal birthed from a wildly popular digital product for entrepreneurs known as The Spark Kit. And her book’s release in April 2012 is just the beginning.

In 2012, I foresee Danielle exploding onto the national scene — again, with neither force nor fight, but because our world so desperately craves such a figure and her message. I see a magazine spread, an afternoon talk show, maybe an entirely new magazine crafted for her under her name –all with very real, serendipitous and auspicious probability in the coming year.

In whatever form it may arise, you’ll hear the name Danielle LaPorte often in 2012 — and, trust me, we will all be way better for it.

(Side note: I wrote this description of Danielle at the end of December. Since then, her book, before it has even been released, launched into pre-sale fame on Amazon’s Top 100 list.)

20. Craig Mcbreen

Craig Mcbreen (@CraigMcbreen) came on my radar shortly after his amazing post about schools killing creativity. Having recently gone through a 2 on 1 consultation session with him, I know that he’s got about 8 pages of empire building plans in the works. By the end of this year, I’m betting that you’ll see Craig develop a speaking platform and if I have anything to do with it, he’ll even be organizing some of his own events.

He runs McBreen Design, a full service branding and design agency with experience and expertise providing branding solutions, from website design to printed collateral and Logo ID. Keep an eye on him.

21. Bradley Gauthier

Bradley Gauthier (@couchsurfingceo)  joined the ranks of aspiring entrepreneurs  when he conquered his fear and quit his day job. With a name like CouchSurfingCEO how could you not get sucked in this blog. His content is really kicking ass too.

He’s on a  mission to improve the lives of as many people as possible and to make the world a better place for future generations.


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