10 Ways That Writing Can Help You De-Stress

You have too many things on your mind. You keep thinking about all of the things that you need to do, returning to the same few items that are troubling you. Writing can offer you relief from your troubles. Here are some ways that writing can help you de-stress.

1. Writing clarifies your thoughts

The act of writing forces you to think about the events that happened during the course of the day. You are no longer involved in the situations which made you angry or sad, and you can clarify what precipitated these events on paper.

2. Writing is meditative

Writing stream of consciousness is similar to walking meditation. Your breathing slows as you concentrate on the words and allow them to flow out of your head onto the keyboard or paper. There is a zone that writers get in where they are swept away by the words.

3. Writing makes you smarter

Writing is an active process which makes you smarter. The book writer must research their subjects, the emotional writer searches for new words to use in their journal or diary. Writing improves your vocabulary and makes you smarter. You are better able to handle stressful situations.
Writing is the best habit everyone should try to cultivate within themselves. Because once we start writing, we can build up our vocabulary skills and the way of writing. Writing helps us to improve our sleep and we will get a peaceful sleep once we start writing. We can write whatever we wish to and there is no strict regulation that we are supposed to write about this and that. The habit of writing should be grown from the childhood days itself. The page we write will give us the pleasure and will make our mind and soul fresh and energetic.

4. Writing helps you sleep better

Writing allows you to break the stress-causing cycles within your head. There are some people who read themselves to sleep, and others who write their own stories while they go to sleep. The more relaxed you are, the better you will sleep. You will wake up more rested which decreases your stress.

5. Writing removes anger

Take a pen and paper to write down all of the angry thoughts that you have. The page does not have to be shown to anyone. Focus on the anger and release it through the words that you have. Write about the revenge tactics that you want to take with the situation. By paying attention to the anger that you have, you are releasing it harmlessly into the world and pulling your emotional state back to a good baseline.

6. Writing solves problems

Writing down your problems assists you in coming up with solutions. Use brainstorming to come up with the answers and points that you need to follow. Within those potential solutions is the real course of action that you can take. By identifying your problems, you decrease your stress because you now have focus.

7. Writing offers purpose

Don’t hesitate to write out the list of things that you have to do. When you have a to do list, you develop tactics that you need to use to get them done. With that development of tactics, you gain purpose and lose the stress.

8. Writing strengthens your immune function

When you write, your breathing slows and you allow more oxygen to go to your brain. Being actively engaged in your work heals the body and encourages it to fight more purposefully against viruses.

9. Writing alleviates asthma

The power of the breath is astounding. Being in that writing zone encourages your body to eliminate and reduce the stresses that it’s facing. A way to healing the lungs is to take deep breaths, something which is done while writing.

10. Writing unties stomach knots

Your stomach can get tied up in knots because of the stresses that have been placed upon you. Writing helps with the mental issues as well as the physiological ones because you are breathing slower and meditating on your topic.

It honestly does not matter what you write, just as long as you are writing. The process of writing removes both mental and physical stress, bringing you back to a sense of calmness and peace. The next time you are stressed, try taking twenty minutes to write down your thoughts and see how you feel.

This article was contributed by James Adams who is a staff writer for one of the UK’s leading online suppliers of ink cartridges where he spends his time covering new releases such as the HP 901XL ink cartridge and developments in design for their blog, the CreativeCloud.

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How to be a connector Part II: World Domination

A little over a month back, I wrote a blog post called How to be a connector, based on the concepts in Malcom Gladwell’s book the tipping point.  When my roommate read this post this morning he said “You should write a post how to actually execute this.” So, I figured I could expand on the concepts I presented to share something that I think could be a very strong way to really build out your network of friends, business contacts, and essentially lifelines.  I want to take 4 Different groups in my life that I’m part of that don’t really intersect all that much, and show you how to broaden my network within each of those groups through a few simple steps.


As you see above I’ve separated out 4 of the different ways that I know people in my life. Each of them is full of people, but I don’t know every single person in each of those groups because that would be impossible. But it is possible to expand your network within each of these groups by ALOT, by doing one simple thing. Within each of these groups, there are organizations (i.e. Alumni Groups, Leadership Committees, Organizers, etc, etc). Hopefully you’ll see where I’m going with this. The people I have mentioned all have one thing in common. They interact with ALOT of people just by virtue of the roles they are in. Yet, most of these roles are all Volunteer positions It’s not that easy to fill them. The other day I realized that I had never tapped into my Berkeley network and I emailed the alumni coordinator for the LA area and told him I’d be interested in helping out if they had opportunities.  So I’m going to break it down for you in 4 simple steps.


1.    Identify all of the biggest groups that exist in your life (College, Grad School, Professional Association, Meetup Group, etc, etc).
2.    Within those groups Identify a subgroup that is fairly large, but has an opportunity to interact with alot of people (i.e. leadership committee, alumni group, etc).
3.    Take n Active Role in that group in any of these organizations
4.    Be a sociable person

I would imagine if you replicated this across 3-4 different areas of your life, you would have a massive network of contacts. As I wrote once before, according to many people, your income grows in proportion to your network. I figure it’s not a bad theory to test. The worst that happens is my income doesn’t grow and I have a  ton of new friends and awesome people in my life. The best has no limits.

Interviews With Up and Coming Bloggers: Doniree

Doniree is yet another blogger that I discovered at Life Without Pants. She’s got some great gems in this interview and I think you’ll enjoy it tremendously. Next week, you’ll finally get to here from the guy who connects all these people together, Matt Cheuvront.

  • The importance of sharing personal stories
  • The 20 Something bloggers community
  • Finding your way out of the corporate world
  • Using your skills and blog growth to generate revenue
  • Why personal connections can fuel the growth of your blog
  • Using the comments on your blog to build relationships
  • Taking the entrepreneurial plunge
  • The importance of a marketing plan

Blogging could be taken up by anyone who has a flair for writing. It kind of acts as a stress buster and relieves you from your routine mundane work. However one should be cautious while you blog if you are working for someone else. There are many scams prevalent and people lure to write for them and do not pay you. Always check the authenticity of the organization you are going to be associated with. Similarly, just like blogging one could opt to indulge in online trading which will help you in making additional money along with giving you a break from the regular work. Here also, one should be careful while choosing the trading platform you wish to be associated with. There are many scams and fake software’s that cheat you and take away your money.
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You should also get familiarized with the trading software you wish to use. It is best if you try out some few demo transactions to get the hang of trading so that you don’t end up losing your hard earned money. Or else till you gain confidence, you can use the service of automated trading robots to work on your behalf. You can watch and learn from these robots how they transact and what decisions they take in each situation.

How to Measure Progress towards your 2010 Goals

For those of you who have forgotten, just eight short weeks ago we were all talk about everything we were going to accomplish in 2010. I don’t want to fall victim to the New Year’s syndrome and I don’t want any of my readers to either. So, I figured it was time for a wake up call and a personal check in. First I have to give a shout out to Sara Davidson at WalkTalkChewGum because she commented on my Q1 Marketing plan which forced me to get off my ass a bit and get more serious about making all of these things happen. Below I’ve listed my main goals and where I am at in terms of progress towards them.

2010 Goal Review #1:


Guest posts/Content: When I created the plan for Q1 I had this really aggressive goal to write 2-4 guest posts per week and post several times a week here. As you’ll see I’m more or less on track. I’m not outperforming expectations quite yet, but having a plan has kept me consistent. In terms of my own content, a fewconversations with A-list bloggers such as Jonathan Mead made me shift of my focus from quantity to quality. Below you’ll find a list of all of the guest post that I’ve written in the first 2 months of 2010.

  • True Success: Finding Your Perfect Wave-@Serenity Hacker
  • Faith, Patience, and Your moment in the Sun@QuestforBalance
  • Using a MindMap to Dissect Your Goals@LifescapeArtists
  • Why Networking Doesn’t end When Your Job Search Does@Under30CEO
  • 7 ways that a slight tweak will dramatically change your life@DumbLittleMan
  • 7 Personal Traits for Effective Lifestyle Design@LifestyleDesignForYou
  • How to Work the Room at a Networking Event@WasabiBurger
  • The First Year of a Surfer’s Journey- A  Look Back @StokedforLife
  • Carrots, Sticks and True Motivation@LifestyleDesignForYou
  • How to monetize your blog without advertising, affiliate products or any other products@Under30CEO
  • The Difference Between Success and Perfection@MsCareerGirl
  • 8 Essential Business and Careers Skills Developed from Blogging@LifeWIthoutPants
  • 7 Reasons a blog is a Phenomenal Personal Development Tool@TheChangeblog
  • Pending posts submitted to Blogussion,Daily Blog Tips, and a few others

Total Guest Posts Published: 14

Reader Growth: I set an extremely aggressive readership goal to go from roughly 500 to 1000 readers in Q1. Barring some sort of serious spike in the month of March, it’s probably not going to happen. But I’m ok with that and I don’t intend to change that goal. Focusing on a goal that is higher than what you’ll probably achieve will make it that much more likely to get you closer to the original goal. As the quote says “shoot for the moon and you’ll land among the stars.”

Unexpected Twists and Turns: Part of what slowed my aggressive growth plans for the Skool of Life was the launch of BlogcastFM. It was something that was completely unplanned and unexpected. However, I think it as actually a really good thing even if it meant slowing down my efforts here at The Skool of Life.  I think my future success is going to be largely due to the work I’m doing at BlogcastFM. As a byproduct,  I’ll probably see some growth here at The Skool of Life.

Other (email, affiliates, etc):
I have not put nearly as much effort into developing  a more substantial newsletter as I should have. I can’t really think of any excuse other than laziness or lack of ideas. But I think it’s something that will become more of a priority to me over the next month. I finally have started to understand how to promote affiliate products. I realized that I could be an affiliate for anything that I use on a daily basis. This is because these are products I truly believe in. Take a look at my Skool Supplies page and you’ll see a list of everything I endorse and has been essential in my growth here at The Skool of Life. If you have questions about any of those products, feel free to email me. I have a generated a whopping $8.64 in affiliate commissions because of a friend purchasing his newest domain through me.  But it’s a start.

Income Goals Report:

I set a goal of earning 5000 dollars a month from the work I do here at The Skool of Life. I’m pretty far off and some of you might think I’m out of my mind, but that’s the number I’m aiming for first.  Last week I told you about how I made my first 700 dollars online, so I’m not going to go into too much detail, but below I’ll share all of my Q1 income streams that are a result of this blog. For the purposes of this exercise I’ve left out the revenue I generate from my paycheck at my full time job since I don’t consider it a direct byproduct of this blog.

It is always ideal if you can find different ways to earn income other than from your regular job. One way to earn money easily from an alternative source is through online trading using the trading software. This trading software’s has the capability to conduct transactions on its own. Click this to know more about it.

Advertising Revenue/Building a Client Blog: Below is the snapshot of income earned from the last 2 months


Part Time Consultant for Bio Ionic Haircare: $1000.00

Total Income Generated:  $1273.30

Personal/Miscellaneous/Un-categorized(Goals and Accomplishments)

  • Read The following Seth Godin Books: Tribes, Purple Cow, Linchpin (done)
  • Surfed as much as possible and graduated to a shorter board (done)
  • Read at least 3 books every month
  • Costa Rica Surf Trip (a work in progress)
  • Start Identifying more passive income streams (in progress)
  • Borrow a page from The Life Design Project and Hire a Virtual Assistant to find freelance work for me
  • Clear credit card debt and utilities from my previous apartment (in progress)
  • Setup my ING direct savings account (done)

How to Conduct your own review (condensed version):

  • Break your goals into three categories (personal, financial, professional)
  • Write down your goals
  • Write down where you are at in terms of accomplishing them
  • Write down actions you can take towards each goal
  • Publish it on your blog
  • Rinse, Wash, Repeat every month

I decided to write this post for a few reasons. After writing a post about why a blog is a personal development tool, I realized it gives you a great place to review and track progress towards your goals. It also gives you a great way to get feedback from like minded individuals. I plan to conduct this goal review at the end of every month because I’ve just realized how useful this exercise is. How are you doing with your 2010 goals? Did you fall victim to the New Year’s Syndrome? If so, how do you plan to get back on track?

Conduct an inventory of your greatest strengths


As we come close to the end of 2009 and we start thinking about new goals and things we want to accomplish, I think it’s important to conduct an inventory of your greatest strengths.  Earlier this year I said that it’s important toride the wave in the direction it’s taking you.

Aligning goals with your greatest strengths is a great way to not only ensure success, but ensure that you are at the top of your game. Whether it is for your blog, your life, your health or anything else, focusing on your greatest strengths is the key to successful goal achievement. Let’s take a look at this in greater detail.

5 Ways to Conduct Your Inventory

You might be wondering how to conduct an inventory of your greatest strengths, so I’ll give you 5 simple ways to do it.The strength of the trading and investment potential of a trader can be determined by financial experts who can look at here now and give the risk exposure from https://cybermentors.org.uk/software a unique software trading tool.

Look at Your History: Certain things in life have always come easy to you. For me it’s been speaking with people.   I find talking to new people easy, and thus my podcast fuels quite a bit of content for my blog.

Ask Your Friends/Family:
This is always an interesting thing to do because it’s basically getting to hear the things your friends like most about you, so it’s flattering. Ironically, they’ll sometimes tell you things that you are not even aware of.

Ask the World:
If you’re on Facebook or Twitter and people have been following you, then you can put up a status update and based on your tweets/updates prior people might be able to assess some of your strengths.

Take Discover Your Strengths:
While I’m not crazy about all these tests, they do have merit. In fact they are quite accurate most of the time.  You’ll be surprised at what you learn about yourself and then can put it to use.

List your greatest successes:
While this similar to looking at your history, making a list of your 10 greatest accomplishments might enable you to see a pattern that connects all of them.

If you go through this exercise with the intent of setting goals based on these strengths, you will set goals that you are excited about and have a strong capability to accomplish.

The Difference Between Who You Are And What You Do for a Living

Norway Postcard 1 of 6: Boat
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Today is a good day via Compfight

A few nights ago we had a gathering at my parents’ house.  One of my mom’s friends who had never met me introduced herself, and said “you’re a lawyer right?”  As I started saying no she said “oh yeah that’s right you’re an MBA.”  As tempted as I was to reply, “actually I’m Srini. I’m a surfer, blogger, brother, host of a show about online business, and much more”, I realized starting a conversation this way is not something that’s isolated to Indian people.

For ages people have been defined by what they do for a living. “So what do you do?”  is a common cocktail party line.  It’s how many conversations start. But there’s so much more to all of us.  I don’t think that my tombstone will read Srinivas Rao, MBA. In fact I’ll be sure to provide instructions to some family member to make sure that never happens.

Beyond the Bullet Points

We all have  a story that goes far beyond where we went to school and what we do for a living.  The stories of our travels,  hobbies, personality quirks and times we fell in love make us who we are. That’s the good stuff. To define our impressions of people based on what they do for a living is like viewing the world from the window of a corner office or  through postcards from your friends.

As you’ve probably heard me mention a handful of times, my sister is a doctor. But there is far more to her that defines her. She was an assistant pastry chef at a french bistro in Berkeley and makes amazing desserts. As a kid she was a terror who somehow knew how to get whatever she wanted out of all of us. She’s sharp as a razor, witty and sarcastic. There’s a big difference between who she is and what she does for a living.

Maybe we should start the conversation with “what’s your story?” But what’s funny is most of us would start with our careers because we’ve been conditioned for so long to make that the starting point of any conversation. As I write this I’m realizing I don’t know much about my parents’ friends beyond what they do for a living.  So I’m part of the problem to which I’m suggesting solution.  I know one of them wanted to ski with his daughter when she got older because we’ve talked about our hobbies. But beyond that If you asked me about my parent’s friends, I’d start by telling you what they do for a living.

We all have a story that goes far beyond where we went to school and what we do for a living. The stories of our travels, hobbies, personality quirks and times we fell in love make us who we are. Not only this, but even our investment choices define our personality quite a lot. Making relevant and wise investments in flourishing ventures like that found at https://top10cryptorobots.com/crypto-robots/bitcoin-trader/ can offer you great benefits along with more bases to who you are. Find out this here and add more charm to your personality by making some sensible investment related decisions right away.That’s the good stuff. To define our impressions of people based on what they do for a living is like viewing the world from the window of a corner office or through postcards from your friends.

There’s so much more to people than the bullets on their resume. I don’t spend a lot of time looking at tombstones but to the best of my knowledge there’s a difference between a tombstone and a resume. So I’d say live life accordingly. 

Why you should celebrate small successes


Goals setting and success in achieving goals are arguably the root of personal development. You have set out to accomplish something and the principles of personal development are designed to help you achieve your goal more efficiently and effectively. However, sometimes we set fairly lofty goals, and while we are taking action towards those goals it seems as though very little progress is being made. For example, if you have 100 things that need to be done in order to accomplish a goal, and you have 10 of those things done, then it’s likely you feel that 90% of the steps to accomplishing this goal need to still be taken. However, there is a slight problem with this perspective towards success. You are always focused on what you haven’t accomplished.

Success is largely about having a certain state of mind, a success mind set. One success leads to another and the snowball effect goes to work. By celebrating smaller successes you are actually starting to communicate that attitude of “I have already succeeded” or “I am successful” to your mind.Also, make sure that you trade with discipline and not trade in an impulsive manner. Stick to your day trading plan, check out here, and know from the start that no one has been able to get rich with a single trade or on a single day.
You also need to pick the direction of the market.
As a result you will accelerate the process of accomplishing your goals because you are coming from a place of already being successful rather than trying to become successful. Let’s look at an example that has been kind of close to my life since I started this blog: The Job Search.

While it has been daunting, I experienced a bit of irony in the last two weeks. After months of spending a more than a few hours a day in front of the computer, I decided to only submit resumes for one hour in the morning , and one hour in the evening. Then I literally spent about 6 hours a day at the beach surfing. The strangest thing that happened was that I started to get responses to my resume submissions at a rate like I had never experienced in the entire time I’ve been submitting resumes. While getting an opportunity to interview is not a job, it’s a small success. By recognizing a small success you breed more success. Success is a feeling to an extent, and by celebrating small successes you make it easy for yourself to feel successful. Change your rules for success along the path to accomplishing your goal. Make it easy for yourself to feel successful, and celebrate even the smallest success. You’ll be surprised by the dramatic changes that occur in your life and the rate at which they occur.

Generation Y Realizes Corporate America is a “Hell Hole”

This is a spin-off of an article from The Onion about a mass exodus from New York City. The original post can be found here.

Yesterday marked Generation Y’s mass exodus from corporate America, leaving millions of companies detrimentally short staffed. As a result of the country’s economic state, dead-end job positions and pitiful salaries, Gen Y has collectively left their entry-level job positions.

“I’m so freaking sick of sitting at my desk, getting early-onset carpal tunnel syndrome and not leaving the office until nine o‘clock at night,” said John Jefferson, a 2009 graduate who has been working in an accounting firm for the past year and a half. “I’m going to wake up one day, be 65 and wonder where the hell my life went.”

Jefferson is the brain-child behind the collective revolt against the “9-5 corporate Hell hole” he claims is sucking the life out of 20-something’s everywhere. With social media outlets such as Twitter, Jefferson has successfully convinced corporate “nobodies,” ranging from ages 22 to 26, to quit their jobs.Work life balance in the corporate industry is becoming a myth slowly, there is nothing like that exists when it comes to hold your position and grow in the corporate ladder without visiting the Web Site,https://cybermentors.org.uk/bitcoin-loophole-review-another-loophole-scam/ to understand how the entire blockchain technology has been used to create series of trade signals.

“If you have a job you love then fine, but I don’t see what there’s to love about plugging numbers into spread sheets, cold-calling, and kissing your boss’s ass,” Jefferson said. “Screw the corporate ladder. I’d rather be living out of a cardboard box with pet rats than worrying about being promoted to do even more ass kissing.”

The Gen Y revolutionaries made the announcement yesterday with a public manifesto, listing their grievances. An excerpt from the manifesto states: “We will not be publicly humiliated for making your coffee with whole milk instead of soy. We will not sit in cubes that are too small to extend both arms. We will not stare at computer screens for 11 hours a day, perpetuating premature eye cataracts. We will not sit back and watch another 12 year old make millions from inventing a new iPhone app.”

As for the thousands of college grads who have been struggling to seek employment, Jefferson claims, “They knew what they were doing. They’re chilling at home, eating three home-cooked meals a day — parents these days won’t force anything on their kids.” Now, Jefferson says, is the perfect time for these grads to jump on the bandwagon. And they are.

Thomas Adams, who graduated in 2008 and has been living at home mowing lawns for the past two years, says he won’t apply as a replacement to the millions of open job positions.

“I can’t turn against my own peers. I’m not a slimeball,” Adams said. “I mean, we have to stick together — what else is Facebook for?”

Jefferson is encouraging his followers to pursue entrepreneurial ideas and be their own boss. He wants freedom for himself and the rest of his generation, and most of all, he doesn’t want to start living his life after it’s too late.

“I’m 25 years old! I should be seeing the world, learning new hobbies, hitting on girls,” Jefferson said. “The only girl I see is the lady who does my dry cleaning.”

So what will Jefferson do now? “I’ll probably move to the Philippines or something… become a professional blogger.”

As for the millions of companies looking to fill the entry-level positions, it’s been reported that an estimated 100,000 virtual assistants from India have already been hired.

Shannon Whitehead is a 25-year-old start-up entrepreneur, pursuing fair trade apparel in Central America. To read more about her own revolution, visit www.allofusrevolution.com.

Networking Awesomely, Kissing Digital Babies and The Lifeblood of the Blogosphere

This is part 5 in a series by 6 digital mavericks.

  • My friend Mars Dorian, the master of spreading your digital influence kicked off this series with The Guerilla’s  Guide to Attracting Your Write Audience.
  • Francisco Rosales at Social Mouths followed it up with a genius installment on  the idea that less followers is the new more followers. I think my feelings on that are fairly well known :) .
  • Literary seductress Ashley Ambirge showed us exactly how we can seduce our audiences with poetic blogging that leaves them constantly wanting more.
  • Corbett Barr showed you how to join forces with other bloggers.

It’s kind of fitting that my installment falls somewhat later in this series. I consider myself somewhat of a social engineer and according to Malcom Gladwell I’m a connector. I guess that’s why Mars Dorian asked me to take up the task of explaining how to build relationships and your personal army, the lifeblood that keeps the blogosphere pumping with kick ass content.

Surround Yourself with Awesome

One of the well known secrets of success in both life and business is that we become the byproduct of the people we surround ourselves with. In fact I read somewhere once that your income can be determined by the income of your five closest friends. I think the same goes for your life as a digital maverick. Every day millions of people start new blogs, and new talent pervades the blogosphere. New voices clamor for somebody to listen, yet people get too caught up in star-fu#$#ing mindset.

I’ve talked before about the importance of  a blogging entourage, but now I want to talk about how you become the CEO of your digital destiny. Look at the blogosphere as a pool of talent that you get to recruit new employees from, however you can’t actually hire anybody.  You can only invite them to join your tribe. You’re good at certain things and you suck at others. Surround yourself with awesome by connecting with people who know how to do the things you don’t. Hopefully you’ll see where I’m going with this, but let’s look at some concrete examples.

  • Jonathan Wondrusch(@bybloggers): For those of you who don’t know Jonathan Wondrusch, you should. He’s a talented desginer/eproduct creation specialist at. I can’t design web sites or do layouts worth shit. Fortunately, Jonathan contacted me within a few weeks of starting Bybloggers and I consider him a member of my tribe and I’m a member of his. He’s currently helping me with my manifesto.
  • Jenny Leonard: Jenny is another digital baby on the rise and another talented designer/branding specialist. She rebranded her own site and came out the gate in full force and she’s not slowing down anytime soon.

So what’s the point. As my friend Stanford Smith at Pushing Social brilliantly put it, “kiss lots of digital babies.” Emerging talent is one of the most undervalued assets in the blogosphere. It’s theperfect opportunity to surround yourself with awesome with a group of people who are all looking for YOU. You’re the Morpheus to their Neo. Unplug them from the matrix and invite them into your world.

Make Friends not Followers

I think the number of followers you have is the most meaningless statistic ever.  I know I have 2500+ followers. But, the inner circle is who I talk to and that’s who talks to me.  Interestingly enough I don’t look for people who can do anything for me, which might seem like a contradiction to the points above.  But hear me out.  The people above just happen to have a talent, but I didn’t know much about that until I got to know them. This is like the ultimate dinner party and an opportunity for you to be the popular kid in high school, without being an asshole. I like people and I like stories, so let me give you an example

  • Chuck Johnstone is relatively new to the blogosphere. I think he’s only been at it for a little more than a month. You might be wondering what would cause me to strike up a relationship with him. I think he tweeted one of my posts or something so I checked out his profile. For the love of god, anytime somebody new mentions your or tweets your post, give them the courtesy of checking out who they are and what they’re up to. When you don’t it’s like a digital fuck you… (I realize at some point that it wont be scalable, but this is really key to how I’ve done things over the last several months). Anyways, I looked at Chuck’s site and I saw that he was a surfer. The rest is history and now I’m helping him with a crazy idea  I had for a project that requires something he has that I don’t, a fiance..(details coming soon).
  • Archan Mehta: For those of you want to read comments that will make you want to build this guy a blog so we can get more of his genius, take a look at Archan Mehta. His comments are so poetic that I couldn’t help but email him and ask him to share his genius here on The Skool of Life. Again, this comes down to friendship instead of followers.

Give everything you can

When I get interviewed I make a point to give away the farm. Locked up in the vacuum of that head of yours, your ideas are not doing the world much good. If you want to change the world, then the world needs to know about  the genius inside you and believe me, it’s there.

  • When people email me with their questions, I try to send them a relatively intelligent answer when I actually know what I’m talking about.
  • Every week I make a point to share whatever I can in a U-stream chat and it’s free. I also giveaway about as much info as I would in a 1 on 1 consult with somebody

What you need to realize is that you possess knowledge and skills that only YOU have.  Share it with the world and you’ll receive tenfold what you give.

Sharing our insight and ranges of abilities with other individuals is basic for present-day progression and to account for fresh thoughts, particularly as our innovation gatherings turn out to be progressively mind-boggling and concentrated. Sharing what we are aware of not just assists other people in our associations, it assists our own vocations and full report too.

In conclusion all I can really say is that technology has given us the gift of attending the world’s most interesting dinner party on a daily basis. Embrace it, love it, appreciate it, and make sure you tip the staff. Don’t get too shit-faced while you’re here. Save that for when we get together in real life :) .

The Non-Linear Path to Success


Today has the potential to be one of those days that changes my life forever. For that matter so does every single day of most of our lives.  It’s just a matter of what we decide to do with our time. We don’t often seen the fruits of our labor until we we water the seeds of accomplishment for an extended period of time. Where people go wrong is when they stop watering those seeds. They give up because they’re attached to outcomes and don’t see results as early as they had hoped.

Success Isn’t Linear

Most of us have a plan for success but as you probably know by now, sometimes life doesn’t go according to plan. In fact success in any endeavor is usually not a linear path.

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It involves some ups and downs and the willingness to veer off the beaten path and take the scenic route.  The traditional view of how people become successful looks something like this:

  • Go to a good school
  • Get a good job
  • Do well
  • Get promoted
  • Go back to school
  • Get a better job
  • Get promoted until you’re at the top

Sounds like a nice and simple plan doesn’t it? It rarely goes that way for anybody who has done something of significance.  But somehow we’re convinced that forcing square pegs into round holes is how we succeed. Unfortunately there are going to be circumstances that are simply out of your control that will force you to alter your plans. There’s no question that to make progress in life you’re going to have to be flexible. You can’t exactly walk in a straight line when it might require one turn in a different direction in order to get to your destination. However, there are multiple paths to any destination and making too many plans is what limits possibility during our journey. Flexibility isn’t about compromising your core values or giving into somebody else’s demands. It’s about the willingness to try something different when what you’re doing is not working.

How the Dots Connect

In his famous Stanford commencement speech Steve Jobs said “you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.” The events that have transpired over the last couple of years, months and weeks, even though a perpetual roller coaster ride have finally seemed to connect and today I want to share that story with you.  It all really started with my first wave

If my friends had stayed in Brazil as planned I may have never caught that first wave.

If I had received an offer from my summer internship at Intuit, I wouldn’t have been unemployed for 9 months after graduation from business school.

If I hadn’t been unemployed after graduation,  I wouldn’t have started The Skool of Life or spent that time surfing for 6 hours a day for 8 months straight.

If I hadn’t started the Skool of Life, I wouldn’t have started that weekly series called Interviews with Up an Coming Bloggers

If I hadn’t started Interviews with Up and coming Bloggers I wouldn’t have met Sid Savara.

If I hadn’t met Sid, I wouldn’t have had the foresight to create BlogcastFM

If I hadn’t developed the network and connections I had from BlogcastFM, I wouldn’t have been able to staff the Flightster blog the way I did.

If it hadn’t been for my work on the Flightster blog,  I wouldn’t have had my first speaking gig on the art of digital storytelling.

If my hours at Flightster hadn’t been cut, I wouldn’t have moved to Costa Rica, (which wouldn’t have happen without that first wave)

If I hadn’t moved to Costa Rica I wouldn’t have met our first sponsor for BlogcastFM.

If I hadn’t  lost my job and have our sponsor unable to continue our agreement,  I wouldn’t have started the pursuit of another sponsor.

If I hadn’t started the pursuit of another sponsor, I wouldn’t be able to share the following news with you today.

As of a few weeks ago,  BlogcastFM signed a new sponsorship agreement with our new sponsor and strategic partner Livefyre.   Listen to my interview on BlogcastFM today with Livefyre CEO Jordan Kretchmer to learn how you can win a Kindle Fire.

So all I can say is that even when it seems like your life isn’t going according to plan, maybe it’s just nature taking its course and you just have to keep that in perspective.